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tv   Headline News  RT  July 19, 2014 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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choose the stories get inside the life choose the access to your office or. our headlines as international experts scour the scene of a malaysian plane disaster in eastern ukraine. country claims are made but the e.u. say remains clear water brought the aircraft on. families and communities mourn the victims of the tragedy with people from at least ten countries among the dead more than half of them since. they don't certainly over whether the plane was hit by a missile r.t. hears from aviation experts about the and usual details surrounding flight m h seventeen and why the wrecked over a raging war zone. also this hour while the world's in shock over the year crushed european security monitors and two hundred fifty civilians have been killed in just
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a month and a half in one single region of eastern ukraine askia apparently escalates its military operation. is just gone ten pm this saturday evening here in the russian capital welcome to r.t. international my name's union o'neil our top story experts from numerous countries are joining an international probe into the tragic crash of a malaysian passenger jet the record site in eastern ukraine is spread over a several kilometer wide radius white cotton markers have been placed where the victims' bodies have been fined all two hundred ninety eight people on board were killed among them eighty children it's believed the plane was shot by a missile however they european commission says it see no evidence confirming this
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so far the russian president on the chancellor of germany have agreed and holding an international investigation into the crash a team of monitors from europe's main security watchdog arrived at the scene on friday earlier some of them complain but local self-defense forces were limiting their movements around the area but their access has since been wide and international experts working there say they face a difficult task. just a good team on place you have but it's not over till you're multi investigating because for you also do not speculate on it but what we are here for is to see what measures are in place at the time you to the security. measures and what measures have to be taken to do we've seen a human and most efficient way ukraine is accusing self-defense forces of removing bodies from the crash site and trying to cover up evidence of the self-proclaimed officials in the region say the people at the scene or emergency workers helping locate the debris on the victims or correspond to remain cost fred managed to get
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to the scene of the tragedy while monitors were exploring it he sent us this report we are now way past that twenty four hour mark that the bodies of the people that died at the crash malaysia airlines flight have been lying around here along with the burning debris you know the always see mission had already come here the spend about an hour talking to people and scouring the area now it's not just this area that's been affected the debris had and along with the bodies had falling in an area around twelve kilometers here so this is going to be lengthy lengthy process for identification and for investigation as well and right now i had to ask you to take a look at what we have seen here so far and how this tragedy and affected the people that live here in eastern ukraine. this woman was out working in her garden when
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her son told her a body had fallen from the sky and broken through the roof of their house the badly mangled victim of the malaysian airlines flight has now been laying in in this kitchen for more than a day. at first i didn't notice anything my son went out and said mom there is a body in the kitchen there was pasta everywhere i thought it was just a pile of rubbish but then i found this too that it was a human body without a leg and was arms twisted and broken it was a man who fell out of the play and through the roof it's a murder a real murder. my wife and i were having dinner when we heard a strange noise that sounded like clapping as soon as we went out of the house we saw a body lying nearby it must have fallen from a very high altitude the only thing left on the body was a t. shirt it was a man their legs were broken i saw practically no blood now you can smell the odor or be here there are no words to describe it here's my house and it all happened
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right here. i was watching t.v. i heard a roar into explosions i would know and saw spinning plane without a wing with something falling out of it the area where the plane crashed is near several mines that sustain people economically in the done as krege and so it comes as no surprise that coal miners or some of the first on hand to help but the scene of the tragedy. i have lived here with my family my whole life here where the crash happened i've been working in this coal mine for forty years and now i just want to help that's all there are thirty people in our ship and just two of them went to work the others came here to help. is thought rudd says of the victims are going to be arriving here shortly and no doubt they will be seeking answers but it seems they could be in for a quite a wait to find out just how their loved ones were taken from them from on cost or
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of hard sci donetsk ukraine. they got alarms where the ill fated plane departed from has been the worst hit by the tragedy the majority of the passengers on board flight m.h. seventeen a total of one hundred ninety two people were dutch citizens many were heading to southeast asia on holiday polly pocket visited a school reeling from the loss of three students. as travelers rush to catch their flights these floral tributes are the only visible reminder of the tragedy for victims' families the cool wait to find out who downed flight m.h. seventeen continues but away from the airport the heartbreaking stories are starting to emerge in the town of borden a school rocked by grief graduates of men kemah college robin hamill rick robot young valens it failed and his sister fred to wreak were about to start the next chapter of their lives while two of the three students from this school that sadly
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perished on a mate seventeen were in fact a brother and a sister who were flying out to kuala lumpur with their grandparents who had gifted them a holiday to southeast asia for graduating from this school just several days ago everybody is together there's lots of crying everybody supporting one another you don't see something like this coming i knew he was going to hold the to malaysia but you never expect something like this to happen instead of enjoying the first days of their summer holiday pupils and teachers are grieving it's unbelievable seeing something on the news is one thing but when a to bolt your own school it hits you i still don't understand it were shell shocked the loss is terrible we've opened up the school so that the kids can come in and mourn together and so that the students that needs extra help can get professional trauma counseling. over announced today outside one of the city's bars
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we saw young men and women crying they were mourning the loss of their friends lawrence van de graaff and his girlfriend collin kaiser who had planned to travel across malaysia. five. i got a text and i woke up. and i saw it was going you have this roller coaster going romans different emotions disbelief shock anger so this. if you were with amsterdam has a population of just around eight hundred thousand people everyone we've spoken to is in shock but because that list of dutch casualties was so high on m.h. seventeen most of the people we've spoken to say they know someone or know someone who knows someone who died on that plane well what i read earlier today it's the same ratio as nine eleven where you compared. to the population so i think it's
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pretty impactful and while relatives and friends of victims digest the news of what's happened the flags are flying at half mast a symbol of a nation in mourning. for a. hard hitting report moscow and washington are insisting that the evidence recovered from the scene of the crash must be made available to international investigators not is what the russian foreign minister discussed with the u.s. secretary of state over the phone raef a national has the details for us on the official website of russia's foreign ministry worried that this conversation between mr lavrov and mr kerry was very all honest and very open the two top diplomats agreed that all the evidence from the downed malaysian airplane including slides recorders so-called black boxes should be made available for the international investigation that both parties stressed should be in. dependent and biased and transparent and also that the international
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experts should be given access to work freely on the ground also love rob and carry threats that the ukrainian conflict has no military solution and should be resolved peacefully and they pledged to use influence on all the sides been involved in this . long protracted conflict to achieve this goal. speaking at the white house on friday the u.s. president claimed there was firm evidence that the malaysian plane was done by a surface to air missile fired from territory controlled by antique forces he also lashed out russia for supporting them. a closer look at those allegations president obama said the missile was shot from the territory controlled by separatists in eastern ukraine evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile that was launched from an area that is controlled by russian backed separatists inside of ukraine moreover we know that these separatists have received
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a steady flow of support from russia having said that he also added we don't know exactly what happened i think it's very important for us to make sure that. we don't get out ahead of the facts. at this point in terms of identifying specifically what individual or group of individuals or. personnel order that the strike. came about the u.s. president called for a credible international investigation and that is something all members of the u.n. security council are calling for including russia because nobody at this point knows who shot the missile the blame game is about who created the ground for this tragedy to happen and here we see a clash of different views the u.s. says russia is responsible because it supported the rebels russia says key if it's responsible because it launched this military operation in eastern ukraine and the u.s. supported it at this point we have this vicious back and forth between everyone involved
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and not involved. these are some of the media headlines appearing in the wake of the tragedy directly blaming the london we're puton speculation has been piling up over who is responsible and ukraine's government has issued what it claims to be a leaked phone call between local militia fighters admitting to donning a civilian plane and this on verified video circulating online one of many purports to show a book missile launcher being smuggled out of ukraine after thursday's crash intelligence experts charged issue bridge ses the claims are lacking solid evidence one could say from the outset with some investigation the air of ground from which it was launched and of course that would give an indication even though it's accepted i think that is to put it much of east ukraine is in a fluid situation in terms of who controls why any given time the ukraine government has released what it claims are a number of evidence should lead for example it has said. intercepted communications it says between people on the ground suggested that we have those
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who are firing or how far into all weapons. ukraine government has in the past said that the rebels have these weapon systems i should point out that of course the government claims i was yet on cooperated in respect to these intercepted transmissions and also of course. the prosecutor general himself. the system so it's fair to say there's a lot of confusion at the moment and really this really points the way to the importance of a thoroughly independent. investigation to uncover all of the leads in this case. the spite the accusations being made there are still more questions than answers over the catastrophe and russia's defense ministry is demanding information from kiev it has put together a list of questions why did you crane rush to blame self defense forces after the tragedy that is the first question also asking kiev why it deployed rocket
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launchers in the area despite the local militia having no planes question number three will ukraine make tracking data all of its warplanes available in the wake of the crash on another question is why was the aircraft allowed to fly over the conflict zone at all indeed there are many unexplained details surrounding the tragedy let's take a closer look at some of them firstly data from the flights where service suggests the plane diverge from its original roots here is the map of the courses taken by other early lines earlier this week and as you can see the doomed flight went further north in the red than other airlines flying over ukraine it's not clear why it took that path secondly ukrainian controllers asked the crew to fly lower than the height which was originally requested that's according to a statement issued by malaysia airlines it's the boeing seven seventy seven was supposed to fly at thirty five thousand feet but was instructed to the center thirty three thousand feet and finally it's also unclear why the boeing aircraft
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flew over a zone of heavy fighting the combat between ukrainian forces on local militia has been ongoing in the area for many months now since kiev launched what it calls an anti terror operation in the country's east we asked aviation expert chris kate to comment. brave quest. line said not being prevented from flying through this this conflict. the international civil aviation organization i.k.o. based in montreal. was li the organization and to declare the end of space to be safe. presumably based on information received from the ukrainian authorities is. based in. perhaps flawed intelligence to. the weaponry that insurgents on the
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border may or may not still be. a whole bunch of questions cropping up now which we each need says we need some fairly quickly indeed. coming up on our key international that people are facing the consequences of israel's dramatic escalation hospitals or overflowed with civilian victims one five among them is a child after the break we report on the tragic conflict the death toll has now reached three hundred twenty i want to have more on the devastating thing in ukraine as well.
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you're welcome back to the program the total number of civilians killed in eastern ukraine is lugansk region in the past seven weeks alone has reached two hundred and fifty people data has just been released by monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe or teaser english is following the situation in the region a report contains some graphic images. two hundred fifty people is the number that was previously given is the total number of civilians dead throughout the entire course of the conflicts in several regions now we're looking at two hundred fifty civilian casualties in one region in just the span of seven weeks which is definitely lower than the number that probably exists in actuality now those numbers probably have been lowered significantly by the ukrainian authorities who previously insisted that they were not targeting civilian homes or residential areas or that seems to be simply not the case as described by one of the residents
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of. the city came on to morrow to try and warnings were twice during the day when we had to see a child on the ground according to people at the scene most victims have traffic that's the only truly torn apart. the braiding forces have been patrolling this and foreign troops in residential areas. has been targeted heavily by artillery over the past several days people are saying that they're being now left without electricity or running water a gas pipeline also has been hit so essentially there has been already talk about a humanitarian catastrophe in the making in the city aside from that denounce goals that has come under fire on saturday as a matter of fact some of the of remold districts have been hit by ukrainian artillery also damaging several buildings now while all of this is happening the world however seems to be focused on only one event in southeastern ukraine and that is the aftermath of the catastrophe of the malaysian flight m.h.
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seventeen. moscow has issued a list of u.s. citizens who are barred from entering russia twelve americans are targeted two of them for their involvement in torture at guantanamo bay and others for the abuse of detainees at abu ghraib prison in iraq moscow's blacklist was released two days after the u.s. imposed a new set of sanctions against russian companies. with more details on the tit for tat measures on our website as well as background on how the u. korean crisis sparked the dispute dot com all the updates are there. in the now. moving on to is really soldiers have been shot dead by ghassan militants who breached the border on saturday brings the israeli death toll up to five since the start of the current conflict which is play in the lives of over three hundred thirty palestinians is that hospitals in gaza struggling to cope with the influx of
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injured civilians. the the blow who was the load the book on the look of it i think it. was the clue that. it was the was the load was. the logo was the. israel's ground offensive is now in its second day targeting cross border smuggling tunnels used by hamas while listed goal is to destroy militant kid ability it's palestinian civilians who are paying the price at least twenty more people were killed on saturday alone as the i.d.f. unleashed an intense artillery bombardment u.s. president barack obama has warned israel against further loss of innocent lives of
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the palestinians killed since they are campaign kicked off last week one in five were children party fear file list report from gaza for us. thousands of troops and tanks stormed into garter in the early hours of friday morning as israel began its so-called anti terror campaign this is the. school in central gaza city we understand that over the last few days hundreds of families have come here to seek refuge from the ongoing escalation they're living in very very difficult conditions but that conditions better than being in the stream the dangerous neighborhoods. or is among fifty from the to monny family who sought refuge here. this year. but. the u.n.
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says twenty two thousand people have been internally displaced and sought refuge in its facilities since this latest bout of violence began last tuesday have consistently slammed into the homes of palestinians over the last two weeks yet israel maintains it's only targeting hamas infrastructure mahmoud's home was one of those hit they've attacked your home. it's less than a kilometer away from the israeli border and near a hospital that was being targeted here in the north of the strip these refugee camps are some of the most densely populated places on earth and when the shooting starts people here suffer more than most but despite the danger not all are heating israel's warnings to evacuate i understand that you were told to evacuate by israel
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why have you not evacuated. because of the. very. homes are not the only targets damaged in this escalation on friday morning strikes hit an office high up in a commercial building in one of the most developed dairies of the city and. the. enemy of i'm sorry. we didn't come outside i said i thought i would if he is it possible that people are firing missiles from your office this morning you know. about i've. got a good look michael here but mom can you do a little bit. here how did your mom get. well we're filming in the center of the city for rockets fired just behind us from
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a well known local minute tree site the israeli prime minister has given orders to the israeli army to escalate its ground operations in the gaza strip palestinians here remember all too well the bloody mess of the winter two thousand and eight now an innovation of the gaza strip this a month of ramadan a time that is meant to be peaceful palestinian muslims simply pray to god to protect them and their families. and of course the conflict house and gone unnoticed in france citizens have been i've raged over the tragedy. so call us again demonstrators in chorus have been tear gassed afterthoughts in the french capital rallied against the israeli military action took place in the finds of a ban imposed by the authorities france has become the first country in the world to prevent protests over the middle east conflict but the move has only fuel public
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art rage demonstrators clashed with riot police and some of them climbed on top of the building to set fire to and it's really. a c.n.n. news network has pulled its correspondent from covering this really palestinian conflict after she tweeted that israelis were cheering as they watched. she needed to leave the message but not before it had already been breached tweeted two hundred times becomes after another american network n.b.c. also removed its correspondent from the same region without explanation read more on this story visit our website r.t. dot com. and next here on r t international abby martin explores how the malaysian plane catastrophe is being politicized in the global media that's and breaking that said but if you're watching from the u.k. it's over the george galloway.
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well going to break in a set i'm abby martin so yesterday the world witnessed a truly horrific tragedy unfold in eastern ukraine malaysian airliner was shot down killing two hundred ninety eight human beings on board one of the passengers were humanitarians on their way to an aids conference in australia unfortunately the media coverage from all sides has been truly truly disappointing within hours the sun immediately declared the missile as putin's and neo cons were given a platform across corporate media to seize upon the tragedy and resurrect cold war fervor urging the west to quote confront the russian regime look speculation on all sides in the mere hours after any large scale disaster is a poor and irresponsible journalism and does a great disservice to the two hundred ninety eight victims of this crime who lost their lives but as of the time of this broadcast here's what we know.